Asset Management Canada Formed with Signing of Charter in Ottawa

On February 28 2018, the Communities of Practice who participated in both the Edmonton and Québec City meetings then met at the FCM offices in Ottawa to sign the agreed Charter, further define and establish working groups that will carry out the short-term work of Asset Management Canada and plan future meetings (such as in Windsor May 14-17, 2018 as part of the CNAM Conference). Read more

Second National Meeting of Asset Management ‘Communities of Practice’

AMCanada October 17

Back left to right: Glen Brown, Doug Cutts, Guy Félio, Damien Burns, Russell Crook, Tjaart Van den Berg, Curtis Ching, Mike Hauser, Daisy Foster, Sam Sidawi, Duane Nicole, Melissa Osborne

Middle left to right: Brian Bedford, Sudhir Jha, John Murray, Marie-Élaine Desbiens, Elena Loukin, Joanne Loy, Janet Bradshaw

Front left to right: Wally Wells, Gordon Sparks, Catherine Lavoie, Leanne Brannigan, George Tomporowski, Michael Riseborough


In Quebec City between October 23-25, 2017, many of the Edmonton participants came together to continue the work required develop a Terms of Reference / Charter for the group; create plans to share data and information and to further explore a collaborative development of asset management tools and materials. Read more

First National Meeting of Asset Management ‘Communities of Practice’

Back left to right: Damien Burns, Doug Cutts, Guy Félio, Alan Korell, Bradley Leeman, Daisy Foster, Sam Sidawi, Joel Sanchez, Brian Bedford, Mike Hauser, Curtis Ching

Middle left to right: Tjaart Van den Berg, Duane Nicole, Melissa Osborne, Shelley Hassard, Janet Bradshaw, George Tomporowski, Joanne Loy, Elena Loukin, Gordon Sparks and Glen Brown

Front left to right: Wally Wells, Sarah Russo, Marie-Élaine Desbiens, Todd Latham, Catherine Lavoie, Leanne Brannigan


In an Edmonton hotel from Sept. 12-15, 2017, twenty-seven government leaders, association representatives and organizers from eleven provincial and territorial asset management “Communities of Practice” (CoP) gathered officially for the first time. Each of the eleven CoPs are structured to meet regional needs related to public infrastructure asset management and created to provide for knowledge transfer and information sharing specific to their respective communities and constituents. Facilitated by an offering of the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) which is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada, the national workshop was designed to pave the way toward a collaborative framework among the various organizations. Read more