Second National Meeting of Asset Management ‘Communities of Practice’

AMCanada October 17

Back left to right: Glen Brown, Doug Cutts, Guy Félio, Damien Burns, Russell Crook, Tjaart Van den Berg, Curtis Ching, Mike Hauser, Daisy Foster, Sam Sidawi, Duane Nicole, Melissa Osborne

Middle left to right: Brian Bedford, Sudhir Jha, John Murray, Marie-Élaine Desbiens, Elena Loukin, Joanne Loy, Janet Bradshaw

Front left to right: Wally Wells, Gordon Sparks, Catherine Lavoie, Leanne Brannigan, George Tomporowski, Michael Riseborough


In Quebec City between October 23-25, 2017, many of the Edmonton participants came together to continue the work required develop a Terms of Reference / Charter for the group; create plans to share data and information and to further explore a collaborative development of asset management tools and materials.

As a result of the discussions in Edmonton, the agenda was designed to allow significant time for collaboration discussions; sharing information; gaining feedback, input and support for CoP’s needs and initiatives; and to capture the essential elements which would form the “framework of collaboration”. Over the course of this second workshop, sub-groups were created to develop action plans in key areas: National Why; Financial Sustainability; Toolbox for Elected Officials; Events calendar / website; Tools for small communities; and Communications about AM Canada after the workshop.

As the culminating workshop organized by FCM, there was strong intent and interest to create a final structure and mandate for the group, which was accomplished at this meeting with the creation of Asset Management Canada’s Charter.